CNC Creations Workshop

April: 20-21-22 [Same Class - Different Days]
$ 1990
10AM - 5PM All Days
  • Our CNC operation classes teach students how to operate computer numerical control (CNC) machines, which are used in manufacturing to produce precision parts. These classes will cover the following topics: designing creating vectors, create G - Codes & how to run G-codes, programming the CNC machine, tool selection, setup, and troubleshooting. Speeds & feeds how to input designs into the CNC system, set up the machine, and monitor the production process. Attending these classes can provide valuable skills for a career in machining and manufacturing. The possibilities are endless! (Literally)
  • We will offer hands on training and 30 days of virtual support (by appointment)
  • We will offer this class in person if you have the same machine we use or virtually if your machine is different you need to practice on your machine and troubleshoot it with us virtually so you can learn yours specifically.

Event Props Building Workshop

July: 20-21-22 [Same Class - Different Days]
$ 2490
10AM - 5PM All Days
  • Our Prop building class will help you to learn the skills and techniques needed to create props for various purposes, such as Weddings, Activations, Shows, Home Decor and Themed Events. This course will cover
  • - Introduction to woodworking tools and safety protocols
  • - Basics of wood selection, measurement, and preparation
  • - Building fundamental
  • We will cover woodworking projects such as pedestals round & square, panel walls curved flat, & curved 3d arches, shelf displays/Champane walls, and (new style) layered arches. Finally We will explore wood finishing methods for a professional touch! After learning the skills to create these props, you can continue to grow on your own and your building potential is limitless.
  • Our Objective: With our Prop building class we want to provide a platform for participants to learn, create, and express themselves through the art of woodworking. By offering comprehensive instruction and hands-on experience, we aim to foster a community of woodworking enthusiasts and empower them with skills that span from basic woodworking techniques to more intricate craftsmanship.
  • Instructor Expertise: Our Prop building classes will be conducted by experienced artisans who have a deep passion for woodworking. They possess both a strong foundation in woodworking techniques and the ability to effectively convey their knowledge to participants. This ensures a fulfilling and enriching learning experience for all attendees.
  • Materials and Tools: We will provide participants with access to quality materials and a equipped woodworking studio. This includes an assortment of wood types, tools, safety equipment, and finishing supplies to facilitate a comprehensive learning experience. We will provide tools but we request if you have tools you are comfortable with or tools you want to get comfortable with please bring them.
  • Conclusion: We look forward to the opportunity to bring the joy of woodworking to eager learners that can be turned into a life long lucrative business or a hobby that saves you thousands a year by making your own props!



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